Developers can use the Evri API to access our extensive and scalable semantic platform. Our API (a web service based on REST) offers programmatic access to Evri’s rich mapping of the “entity web”—the web of people, places, and things connected to one another through language itself. Results are returned in either XML or JSON and can be easily processed in most programming languages including, but not limited to, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Perl, ActionScript, Java, C#, C, and C++.

The Evri API automatically analyzes text and produces recommendations, establishes relationships, and reveals facts—in an economical, fully scalable manner. A wealth of highly relevant information is expertly organized and at your fingertips.

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Key Benefits

Text Analysis

Evri analyzes tens of thousands of web documents every day from popular blogs and news sites to build a semantic index of all the entities contained in those documents. Not only are the entities and their relationships to one another indexed, they are also disambiguated to identify the specific entity. So you won’t see articles about Will Smith’s latest movie when you’re really interested in another Will Smith’s latest achievements on the Gridiron or even another Will Smith and his latest moves on the cricket pitch.

Media Recommendations

The Evri API can analyze your content in real time to determine it’s context and topic area based on the entities and relationships mentioned. Then provide contextually relevant media recommendations for you or your readers from our index of articles, blog posts, images, videos, tweets, and quotes. Recommendations can be as simple as “more like this article” or more about a specific entity to more complex queries that help you discover other entities that are related based on their actions. For example, the Evri could analyze an article about Barack Obama visiting Japan and provide other sources for news on that story. Or you could discover what other world leaders are visiting Japan or what other countries Barack Obama is visiting.

Rich Entity Data

Evri has structured data properties for millions of entities that are mentioned across the web everyday. Aliases and synonyms for each entity help complete the picture for each entity. With this data, we can more accurately disambiguate when mentioned in text. This data also help your users better understand exactly what is important about each entity.

Get Popularity Data

Based on the frequency of mentions in news articles, blog posts, and other web content in addition to user activity data and social sharing activity, you can unearth data on the most popular entities broken down by categories like politician, actor, sports person, and scientist. It is also possible to explore popularity within specific time horizons and identify rising and falling stars.

Third Party Application Support

To support integration into third party applications, the Evri API supports Account Authentication allowing users who have followed entities or created channels on Evri to access those data on your site. Type-ahead search is also supported to allow quick and accurate identification of specific entities of interest.

Details and examples can be found at our Developer Center.